Monday, December 6, 2010

Fakey Blythe Custom Progress

I'm finally getting back to working on her after moving and morning sickness kept me away :)


She looks way better already!  I've sand matted her face, did a little carving on her lips and eyes, changed her lashes, added freckles,cut her hair, added chalk pastel make-up (borrowed from Jessi), and sealed her lips to make them glossy. I have a wig and new green eye-chips coming for her off of Ebay, so this is pretty much all I can do until they get here.  I think I might change her eyelashes...make them more lush. Also, I wish I could get a better pic of her lips...I'm so proud!!!  

I am intent on finishing her!  I refuse to let her get relegated to the graveyard of unfinished crafts :P Also, Jess said she'd make her clothes!   I'll keep you posted!


  1. She is so so so adorable. I love her freckles. You did an excellent job!

  2. Aw, thanks so much!! I can't wait 'til her new hair and eye chips come's going to make all the difference :)

  3. Wow, when you said you'd be sanding the face off and re-doing her, I imagined the mutilated barbies I shaved bald and scribbled on with sharpies to make lipstick and eyeliner. You did a fantastic job!