Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kids hats from old sweater tutorial!

Last week we took part in the Birth Matters Workshop Series at Go Green Baby and I promised to post tutorials for the lovely ladies and babies that took part in the evening. We made two types of hat, a regular toque and a cute animal ears hat and we had a great time showing just a few things you can do with an old sweater!


1} Cut out pattern on one side seam of sweater

2} Turn so outsides of sweater are on the inside
and machine or hand sew side seam of hat
(I used my machine for this part but you could use a hand sewn overstitch)

3} Sew each top portion of "crown" to the piece beside it
so you end up with four sewn seams on the top inside of the hat

4 } Turn right side out and enjoy!


1} turn sweater inside out and place pattern along folded edge
making sure bottom is along bottom of sweater
(if you don't have a pattern you can trace a regular hat
and add the animal ears)

2} cut out and machine or hand sew all around the cut edges of the hat

3) turn right side out and embellish!

Add bows, pompoms or leave plain!

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