Saturday, October 23, 2010

Feature Blogger - Poppy Prints

Name: Krista Hennebury of PoppyPrint
Age: more than 40, less than 45!
Location: Vancouver, B.C.

What do you do? I sew. I make quilts, bags, zippy pouches, potholders, pillows. I embroider, too. I pretend like I make clothes (I buy patterns and fabric, but them never get the nerve to cut into the fabric)....I'm afraid skirts won't fit or tops will look too homemade and I'll never wear them.

Job or Hobby? Obsession, really. I did sell some items at my guild's show last spring, I'm currently working on a baby quilt commission and I earn enough money to keep me in fabric by running quilting retreats and teaching workshops. Between sewing, blogging and participating on flickr, quilting does feel like a full time job!

What inspires you to create? I think usually it is the fabric itself. I love pattern and look for it everywhere in nature, architecture, clothing or tile floors for example. I love photography and recording colour and pattern with my camera. I enjoy creating for others and have given most things I make as gifts for family and friends. Making something that is my own design, with my own two hands, is incredibly satisfying.

Famous last words?
Don't wait 'til you retire to start quilting!

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  1. great feature! These quilts are so beautiful!!

    ps. thanks so much for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway!! best of luck!! :)