Monday, September 13, 2010

Christmas in September!

It is just back to school time and Halloween is still to come but I have already started to think about Christmas and handmade gifts!  Jason asked me last year if I could make us Christmas stockings since ours are all old and ratty so I decided to try this pattern for one of our stockings!  I just left off the top cuff and added the stripes.

It is a little crooked in places and the toe should probably not get any type of close inspection but I am happy for my first attempt at any kind of sock shape!  So only three more to go!!  :)  


  1. that looks awesome! I'm going to attempt to make some stockings this year, so thank you for that link!

  2. awe! these are so cute!!! i love it!

    thanks for following my blog! i'm following back! i love your space here! it's so cute!!

  3. your welcome casey, i think it is a basic pattern that you can change up a lot! i obviously made mine longer and left off the christmas tree :)