Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Antique Store Treasures!

While in Toronto last weekend we stumbled across a great little antique shop (Abraham's Antiques). It has such nice things and no prices so I was pretty sure I couldn't afford anything in there. I was eyeing up some old letter press trays, and probably would have walked away without asking but Joanna asked for me and to my surprise they were only $30! I have seen them before for at least double and not in as good condition! At that price I was also able to get some old letter press letters  to put on it! Michelle scored some Crown mason jars and some super cute red vintage canisters. Now I just need to pick a wall to hang it on and have a new mission when thrift shopping  - to find more letters to fill it!

old letterpress drawer

I got all our families initials to start

close up of handle


  1. In the meantime, you can use your letterbox to hold colourful threads! Great score. This is what mine looks like:

  2. Your's is so nice Poppyprint! That's a great idea about the threads, I hadn't rally thought of adding anything other than letters - but yours looks super cute!