Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Sunshine Award

Wow! We were given an award
from the super sweet Merry May Handmade!!
Thank you soooo much :)

The Sunshine Award

So here are the rules-
Put the award on your blog or in a post
Pass the award to 12 other bloggers
Link to the nominees with your blog
Let the nominees know by commenting on their blog
Share the ♥ and link to the person who gave it to you!

Make sure you head over and check out all of these inspiring blogs!


  1. aww, thanks for thinking of me!!

  2. Thanks so much ladies! I can't wait to check out the others.

  3. Thanks so much for including me! You have one of my favourite blogs.

  4. Thank you for the award ladies...this is such an amazing idea! I really enjoy your blog and look forward to the up dates!

  5. Thank you, sweet of you!! =) I have some new blogs to check out now!!