Monday, July 12, 2010

London Calling

Wedding time is coming up soon and Scooter and I were lucky enough to have his parents offer to buy us plane tickets for our honeymoon anywhere we wanted to go!!!

We chose London!  Scoot's isn't very hot weather-ish and we thought when else will we ever get a chance to go to Europe. I'm very excited!  We're trying to come up  with some general ideas of what we want to do while we're there.  I'm very lucky to be working in the hotel industry so accomodations are super cheapo!  That leave lots of savings for dinners out and concerts!

I figure we'll do the tradional touristy stuff.

Tower of London

Westminster Abbey

Buckingham Palace

But I'm also looking forward to finding lot of little secret places, not so touristy :)

For the last few days we will be heading to Castle Acre in Norfolk, best known today for the twin ruins of Castle Acre Castle and Castle Acre Priory.

Scott has family up there (his step-step grandfather Bill, who is awesome)and we figure after London we'll need to decompress.

Has anyone else been over there?  Any recommendation of places to go and things to see?


  1. Tate Gallery and The National Gallery!!! Camden Market is cool too. Harrods is pretty neat if ya like to shop :)

    That's just a few I can think of right now.

    Enjoy enjoy enjoy what a great city even though slightly expensive.

  2. Depending on when you are going, the History of the Quilt exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum would be the top of my list...I'm just not sure if it is still on. I'd also visit Liberty Fabrics, for sure!!! What a wonderful wedding gift. Have a great trip!

  3. You must go to Liberty's! Also, if you want to find little hidden gems, the area around Carnaby Street is wonderful. There is a brilliant little shop there called Beyond the Valley which stocks a lot of student work and is well worth a look.
    Have a nice time! I adore London :)

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  5. Thanks for all the great input everyone!!! I better get planning, we're leaving 1st 2nd week of sept!!

  6. I came across your blog via burdastyle, and I'm a Londoner so here are some suggestions (mostly central)! Although the quilts exhibition has now finished, I thoroughly second the recommendation of the V&A museum, it's my absolute favourite museum in London (even the cafe is ridiculously beautiful); the South Bank is great for people-watching and has some of the best venues for interesting theatre (National Theatre), music (Royal Festival Hall), art and film (BFI), and there's also the London Eye (the big wheel) that is great for taking in a view of the city. If you like knitting you should also visit Loop in Islington, which is beautiful (and also dangerous to the wallet). We have some great parks (the Orangery cafe in Hyde Park is really gorgeous if you fancy splashing out on high tea - it's part of Kensington Palace! Or there's Regents park which has London zoo, and the advantage of being on a canal along which you can take a nice walk). Oh, I could go on for hours, you'll have a great time as long as you bring an umbrella (the weather is usually still warm in september, but rain is always a possibility!)