Monday, June 28, 2010

Adventures in Yardsailing!

The past two Saturday's in a row we have gone yardsailing and I think we are all newly addicted! I usually enjoy myself a little thrift shopping and I know Jessi and Cassie do as well, but we are just discovering the beauty of garage sales! We are pretty organized about it too, I go online to find promising sales and we take the GPS and try to hit as many as we can. It was rainy on both occasions but we still found lots of great stuff and we even saw some adorable farm animals near a garage sale just out of town. Seeing the animals made the drive out there worth it alone!

Here are a few things that I have brought home with me the last two weekends...I know Cassie and Jessi both have some cute things that they have found that they may be posting at some point too. Last week we hit an AMAZING yardsale that had tons of sewing and craft supplies and I basically filled the basket and bought the basket too!

1 - Big bag off assorted threads 2 - Handbag pattern
3 - Linen calendar towel 4 - Vintage flowered shower curtain, still in package
5 - Fashion ruler 6 - Sewing tray 7 - Big basket 8 - Vintage zippers 9 - Pins
10 - Adorable notions

Here are a few other odds and ends that I have picked up...

Make it yourself set, volumes 1-20, just $3!

Embroidered nightie/gown, never worn. This is just begging for a restyling!

Turquoise picnic basket. I love this and am so excited to use it!

Linen calendar towel, 1981 - Canadian Birds, still in the box. It filled up some empty wall space in Caden's room nicely!

Do you all like yardsailing? Do you have any good tips you can share with us novices? Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. I'm TOTALLY jealous over your 'make it yourself' stash - totally jealous!

  2. they where a great find and came with lots of patterns! most of them could use a little "modernizing" but there is tons of vintage stuff in them:)