Sunday, April 11, 2010

A weekend in pictures...

This weekend so far has been a stay-around-the-house type of weekend, with Jason working on the bathroom (yay!) and me finishing up a few little projects while hanging out with the boys. We moved into our house last summer and are just starting to contemplate what type of house renovations we would like to work on, with the bathrooms and kitchen taking top ranks. Our small bathroom, actually both bathrooms are covered to about shoulder height with brown and white checkered tiles, which reminds me of the checkerboard chocolate/vanilla ice cream. Not pretty for a bathroom. This is a picture of our larger bathroom and gives you an idea of what we are dealing with. Yuck.

This is the bathroom, in it's current state with Jason scraping and sanding away right now.
Now I am thinking about what I would like to see in this little bathroom, it is just a two piece - sink and toilet. That is all. Maybe some color in there or light and airy? We'll see, it may be a while before we get to the painting and decorating part, but still so exciting!! Here are a few cute ideas.

A tub can not fit, I know...but I do like the sink, mirror and pretty accessories!

While all of this renovating has been happening I have gotten in some serious little boy time...they are getting so big! And busy! Well, Clark is anyway...Caden is still small but he is getting there. It is hard to believe he is 4 months old already!

I managed to finished up these two little fellas from a pattern at Bitter Sweet, as well as a few sewing projects that I'll hopefully be able to fill you in on soon. I wanted these little birds to look a little more owl-esque so I added the crochet rings around the eyes, and used safety eyes as well. I think I like the little beige one best...


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