Monday, April 12, 2010

Project Runway - Circus

So we had the final challenge before Bryant Park - The challenge was to create a high end look inspired by the circus. I only really liked Emilio's. Seth Aaron and Jay's were interesting, just not my taste. Anthony kind of bombed nothing about his dress said circus - and Mila's shiny pant suit was awful - it looked like a mad hatter costume from a high school production of Alice in Wonderland. Overall I had much higher expectations from that challenge that nobody really matched.


Unsurprisingly Seth Aaron and Emilio made the cut. Which left us with Jay, Anthony and Mila. Anthony was the first cut, at which point they told Mila she was in - I was ranting so loudly I missed that they also kept Jay, leaving them to a tie breaker. I think Mila would have a really boring collection - Jay would be by far more interesting.



Do you agree with who is going to Bryant Park?

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  1. i don't think mila will make it, they are just giving her a chance to add a twist to the show!