Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pay it forward fun!

I am taking part in a fun little pay it forward activity from plus three crochet (love this blog for pretty crocheted things!) and now I am going to pass the love on to you! Here is how it works:

* The first three people who comment on this post will receive a handmade gift from me!
* I will have 365 days to get your gift to you.
* The three people taking part will also host a PIF, so you will need to have a blog to join in.

I love getting things in the mail and you probably do to so leave a comment here if you want some goodies in the mail from me!


  1. To late Oh well Maybe next time. These are fun I signed up for one and I'm waiting now. I thought It might be nice to do more than one since I have a year to get it done. I'm almost done with mine and I haven't even gotten my PIF yet. I love sending packages to people.

  2. Awwe I'm so bummed that I missed yours. Hopefully I didn't miss one of those 3 on top. ;)