Friday, November 12, 2010

My very first outfit post!

I have been thrift shopping a lot lately for craft supplies, clothing for myself and the boys, yarn, housewares and all sorts of other things! I also have been wanting to start doing outfit posts for a while so here is my first attempt, lets call it the thrifted edition!

hand knit, thrifted sweater, just removed the clear plastic buttons
value village, $3.99

thrifted leather booties with croc type finish on side
Picton thrift store, $2

belt - thrifted
dress - old navy, many seasons ago
locket - Etsy, miashoebox
slip - thrifted

I realised after checking out my photos that I had cut off my feet in almost every picture so I put in the last photo just so the boots can be seen and I am also a sucker for a sepia edit! Hope you are all having a lovely Friday!


  1. super cute! I lost my black tights-you mad me remember I need to get some more-absolute winter staple!!! :)

  2. thank you :) yes, tights are my must have as soon as it gets chilly!