Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Christmas mantle!

I have never had a fireplace or mantle to decorate before and I am really excited to do one this year! I had most everything around the house or thrifted the item which made it super cheap (like just a few dollars!) and I love that I'll be able to play around with it and add more things through the holidays!

I used:
*spools of serger thread
*little trees from the boys toy box
*thrifted doilies
* cute deer for 50 cents from the thrift store
*fabric snowflakes from the dollar store

Do you have a Christmas mantle that you decorate?


  1. <3's it!! Spools are such a great idea.

  2. looks great! I love the spools. I don't have a mantel this year :( but, we're hopefully going to get a long shelf to act as one soon. I'm itching to decorate and get those stockings hanging!

  3. So cute! We don't have a mantle. Definitely want one in the next house just so that I can decorate it (I don't actually care much about the fire.. haha)!

  4. Yes, but it's time for an update. I love yours!

  5. Using the serger spools is such a clever idea!