Monday, October 25, 2010

We can now be found in Picton!

Last Friday Jessi and I took a drive out to our friend Heather's new shop Case Clothed Custom Designs and Alterations in Picton. Heather is a great seamstress and does alterations and custom work and is now also carrying some of our wares in her store, which is super exciting! She also makes and sells recycled sweater mittens with adorable wintery patterns and I definitely want a pair before it gets snowy! Here are a few shots of our visit with Heather!

Jessi on the way in

Heather and one of her machines

Me and Heather

Baby leggings and a few necklaces

Plenty of hats!

Our display

A little thrifting break

The ferry ride home


  1. Nice! I love her business name. I have fond memories of camping in Picton when I was little and living in Belleville.

  2. Yes, her last name is Case so she worked with that :) I know, Picton is so pretty, I have never actually camped there but have been to Sandbanks many times!