Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Is it Halloween yet????

It's fall finally!! Which mean my favorite holiday is coming soon! Cassie got me the Martha Stewart Halloween Special as part of my Maid of Honour thank you gift and it's so full of amazing ideas, I can't wait to start making things and hopefully plan a big Common Threads Halloween party!

Are you planning anything for Halloween?? Any costume ideas yet??

all images are from Martha Stewart's website


  1. i love halloween! i'm in a new country though and they don't do it here :( there is something in feb though that i need an idea for :)

  2. I saw that on the Indigo stands yesterday, Martha looks amazing in that get up.

  3. I love Halloween! I don't know what I'm going to dress as yet, but I cannot wait to carve pumpkins and go to the apple orchard and all kinds of other fun fall things!!

  4. We don't really have Halloween in Spain, and it's so sad 'cause it seems like an amazing holiday! :) I love your blog, it inspires me a lot

  5. I bought that book the moment I saw it. It is a compilation of her online tutorials and photos but I like to curl up on the couch with coffee and read my books and mags. I love love Halloween too!
    I don't know if I'll have anywhere to go out dressed up but Wednesday wants to be a "red and orange dinosaur that roars". I have the fabric, now I just need to make it!