Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Featured Blogger - Annie of wattlebird


Name: Annie (of wattlebird)

Age: 22

Location: Detroit, MI

What do you do? I'm a freelance writer by trade. I work for a few local newspapers and I also manage my blog, wattlebird. When I'm not writing, I'm usually knitting. I make hats headbands, and lots of other quirky items and sell them in my etsy shop, also called wattlebird.

Job or Hobby? Hobby for now. I'd love for it to be a job one day.

What inspires you? Everything. Inspiration can come from unexpected places, so I always just keep my eyes and ears open and take in everything I can from as many sources as possible.

Famous last words? nitwit blubber oddment tweak! (I hope there are some Harry Potter fans out there so I don't just seem like a lunatic!)

You can see more of Annies adorable work on her blog,in her shop, and on her facebook page!

(PS - I mentioned this in our giveaway post but we are being featured over at one artsy mama, if you haven't seen it yet go take a look!  You can also get another chance to enter our giveaway one her blog!)

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