Sunday, July 4, 2010

Featured Blogger - One Artsy Mama


Name: Eleise of One Artsy Mama

Age: 24


What do you do? I'm a claims processor by day & a baby goods creator by night!

Job or Hobby?
I like to scrapbook my vacation memories, make candles to scent my home with, create soaps for gifts & crochet to keep my hands busy while I watch TV.

What inspires you?
Babies! Which is why I am so excited to create onesies & toddler tees & I am working hard to expand into many other baby goods!

Famous last words?
Pursue your dreams & never give up...the road may not always be what you think it should be but the end is worth it! =)

Make sure you check out her blog and adorable shop!
We love her and think you will too!!