Saturday, July 31, 2010

BELATED Friday Favourites

Can't believe I forgot it was my turn for friday favourites :(  This wedding planning must really be getting to me!!!! 

We've been spending lot's of time up at the cottage lately.  Here are some of my favourtite things about being at the lake.

The View
This is the view off of the porch at the cottage...Just amazing!  The sky goes on forever...

I spent 5 hours in the canoe the other day...I got one hell of a sunburn and jelly arms, but it was worth it.

There is something so peaceful about a hammock. The gentle sway puts me right to sleep.

My dad is an excellent fisherman and we spent a good part of the summer, when we were young, on the water. Some of my very best memories are of fishing with my dad.

Here's a few more pictures of the view from the cottage!


  1. hey! where is your cottage?
    we are at charleston lake!
    nice pics

  2. beautiful! this reminds me of my lake house i used to go to with my grandfather when i was little. My Grandfather taught me how to fish, though i dont remeber very well, i hope i can someday have a lake house and teach my children how to fish, canoe,and lay i n a hammock like a pro :)

  3. i would love a cottage and all of those relaxing activities! maybe jessi and i can convince our husbands family (they are brothers) some day :)