Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Favourites


I never went to sleep away camp when I was a kid,
but super cute stuff like this makes me wish I had!!

(I know...not a real camp :P)

Also, was anyone aware how absolutley IMPOSSIBLE it is to find a picture of an ugly handmade ashtray on the internet? I am an expert Googler, and no where to be found!


  1. Anyone ever make a necklace with a pinecone melted in in an oven within a prescription bottle? What the? I swear I made one at Brownie Camp. (shiver)

    Great post!

  2. lol I haven't heard if that one! I remember having to make little stoves out of apple juice cans and candles

  3. Darn, you had to tell me that Camp Crystal Lake isn't real. I'd sign up in heartbeat if the t-shirt model was going to be my cabin counselor!

  4. Is Camp Crystal Lake the one from Friday the 13th?

  5. It is! It was really hard to find pictures of actual summer camp it was up between this and one that had the camp name from that "Sleepaway Camp" movie.

  6. oh Sleep away camp! what a cinematic masterpiece :P