Thursday, July 1, 2010

Add it to the list!

There are some exciting plans in the works right now for Common Threads that we will hopefully be able to share with you soon and I have many more things that I need to add to my own personal to-do list! I figured if I filled you guys in on some of them not only would I have a handy list to refer to but it may even motivate me to actually do a few of them! So here goes!

*Summer pajamas - sew pajama shorts for the boys, myself and especially Jason, who was given an IOU for one pair for Father's Day!

*Finish my sister's blanket for her that she started for her daughter (aka my niece Charley!).

*Keep working on my granny squares that I have abandoned. Poor, poor granny squares.

*Learn embroidery basics...hmmmm where to start with this one?

*Finish my fabric bunting tutorial...hopefully this will be posted some time next week!

*Find a tripod for my camera or see if Jessi's would work for mine.

*Update our Flickr - maybe add a personal photos section?

*Make dentist appointments! (I am embarrassed to admit how long it has been!)

*Finish watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo...I think we have tried tree times and are still only about halfway through. Oh the joys of trying to watch a movie with babies around!

*Make a beach date! We need some sand and sun time!

What do you have on your to do list? I get so torn with sunny summer days, family and blogging all calling. So much to do and so little time! Anyways, hope you are all having a beautiful summer and are finding the time to do the things that make you happy!

PS - Oh and a Happy Canada Day Weekend to all!!


  1. Dentist appointments, check, eye appointments oops. Beach time, planned as we are taking off to the shores of both Superior and Michigan in a couple of weeks to see some family.
    School's out though and since my husband's a teacher (Gr. 7/8) he's home too ... which means the list gets longer, but reviewed at between golf games. Last night after Montana's we actually did some yardwork! :) I'm sure our neighbour was enjoying watching us finally address the weedy flower beds. As my 11 year-old said, the yellow and purple flowers of the weeds look 'kinda nice'.
    I work through the summer with my sewing biz but being added constantly is sewing for ME and thanks to you, Mandi, I have added PJs for my sweeties because they just keep growing darn it :)
    Thanks for adding me on the left here!

    Happy Canada Day - we might check out some festivities downtown here.

  2. 1) make my nephew Clark's shirt!! I am now a month past his b-day!

    2) Krysti's blog re-design

    3) take Emily to Peterborough

    9) make some tutu's for Carrie's nieces

    4) A Blog Banner for Dawn

    5) Sew some things for me!!

    6) Clean the house!

    7) Go see Eclipse!!

    8) Plot ways to get into the Elton John Concert on my birthday

  3. That is quite the list! I hope you can get it all done =) My lists always seem to get longer not shorter =(

  4. Well I can cross off beach date, we had an invite from our sister in-law for Sunday! 1 down!

  5. 1) Need to get new eye perscriptions! Maybe all this blogging is having its toll :)
    (2) Get ready for my art therapy presentation. Standing in front of professionals pretending to know what I am doing is a bit scary.
    (3) Start researching for my thesis
    (4) Get some major progress done on all my cross stitch projects that keep getting the back burner!
    (5) find some time to relax and have fun!