Monday, May 10, 2010

Featured Blogger - Natty Jane


We have been working so hard on all of the baby goodies for Birthfest lately we haven't been able to make as many things for ourselves ie: pretty adult things. So after oooohing and ahhhing over Natty Jane's sewing skills on Burda and through her blog All dressed up and nowhere to go it seemed there was no better time than now to feature her work! (She does amazing things with shorts and blouses and has the cutest dresses!) Make sure to swing buy her page and see all of her pretty stuff!

We asked her :
Name? Natasha Jane, aka NattyJane. My uncle nicknamed me Natty J when I was born and I quite like it.
Age? 23
Location? Berkeley, California
What do you do? I graduated with a BA in mathematics from UC Santa Cruz in 2008, but now I'm a lifeguard and a swim instructor. I live with my grandma in her beautiful home and find myself with plenty of time for sewing and crafting.
Job or Hobby? Right now sewing is a hobby and a creative outlet, but I would love to work on turning it into something more!
What inspires you? I find a lot of inspiration for my sewing online, through the fashion blogs that I follow. I especially like looking at vintage dresses and clothing made by independent designers. I'm also often inspired by reading about a new sewing technique that I haven't tried before. It's always fun to build a project around a technique that I want to explore and practice.
Famous last words? The lovely things of life are as necessary as the air by which you live.


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