Saturday, May 22, 2010

David Suzuki & A Robot

I'm now referring to this guy as David Suzuki. Can't help it! He's just adorable!

Now in the process of trying to find plush toys that are a little more masculine and thought "Robots!" The shapes are pretty simple. I'm just sort of winging it and looking at lots of pictures of old tin toy robots online. So far he's pretty cute, too! Sketch included :)


  1. definitely looks like David Suzuki! lol. and the robot is going to be very cute, love the sketch

  2. Thanks!! The robots almost done and he'll be up soon..he turned out pretty awesome :P

  3. I love the little "lids" around the eyes on the first one. It makes it look really lifelike and reminds me of my own little kittie :).