Friday, April 16, 2010

Thrifted Finds

Yesterday afternoon I had a huge urge to go out thrift shopping after a morning spent browsing home design, decorating and vintage sites. There really are a ton of great home style blogs out there, I love Bohemian Vintage and Apartment Therapy. That combined with our recent home renovations (and all of the plans I have in mind for Jason to do!) left me feeling inspired to find those little treasures that make your personal spaces unique and you. Here's what I brought home with me!

I will probably use the owl figurine and white vase in one of the bathrooms, I picture them on a little white shelf of some sort...the bottle, print and yellow dish don't have a home yet but I will find spaces for them soon. Here are some honourable mentions of the day - the wool I actually bought too because you can never really have enough in your stash! Happy Saturday everyone!


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