Monday, March 15, 2010

Make It Work!

Project Runway! Love this show and am hoping to post weekly with Mandi on the episodes. I know it's mid season but better late than never! Quick re-cap up to this point all the designers that have gone home I agree with - except maybe Ping - she would have made for some viewing hilarity. Right now I love Seth Aaron and he is my pick to win. I also love Jonathon I hope he makes it to fashion week! Amy could make it to if she gets back on track she's had two really big misses recently! This is the point where the competition gets really good - most the mediocre designers are out and anyone could make it to the finals.

In the top 3 we had Maya, Jonathan and Seth Aaron. With Jonathan finally getting a win. I did not like Maya's dress at all and was surprised she was in the top - I actually don't like many of her designs. Seth Aaron's was my fav, but I am happy that Jonathan won :)


In the bottom 3 we had Amy, Ben and Mila, with Ben getting the Auf Wiedersehen kiss of death. I don't agree with their decision at all! I thought Ben's look was not the worst look up there and he has done some really nice work in the past (his dress for the magazine challenge was awes!). It should have come down to Amy's Lady Gage leotard and Mila's tweed track suit, with Mila going home.


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